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We’re making it safe and simple to invest in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs with Every, Australia’s leading crypto investment fund.

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Crypto doesn't have to be hard

Every is a better way for Australians to invest in cryptoassets. Here’s why:

Every is quick

You can sign up to Every in minutes and invest into a portfolio of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with Australian Dollars. We're also your ticket to exclusive Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Every is easy

You no longer need to be a techie to get started in Crypto. We provide you with simple educational guides to get you started with crypto, tools to track your portfolio, and clear end of year reporting, including tax reporting, so you can make sure you're getting things right.

Every is safe

Going it alone in crypto can be risky. Securing your assets requires diligence, research and a lot of work. We take care of that for you with cutting edge security protocols like cold storage and multi-sig wallets to protect your investment.

Your future portfolio

Every is a Managed Hedge Fund. That means we spread our investment across a broad range of cryptoassets to ensure a diverse, risk-managed portfolio for our investors. When you invest with Every, your portfolio is made up of three key elements:

Major Cryptocurrencies

30% of holdings
We invest in the best and most mature cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. These are cornerstones of the crypto market - long holds which we think have excellent potential in the years to come.

Select ICOs & Altcoins

20% ICOs and 30% long term altcoins
Every seeks to invest in ICO’s and altcoins that have the highest potential to make significant capital gains, taking positions anywhere from presale stage to post-exchange listing. Thorough due diligence and analysis is required, but these assets can make for compelling investments.

Stablecoins & hedging

20% in stablecoins and fiat
Our fund can use stablecoins to instantly liquidate crypto holdings back to a fiat currency peg. We can also deploy BTC futures and other financial instruments to hedge in times of market uncertainty.

Partnered with the best

Every was started with two firm goals in mind: to provide Australians with a high-performing, credible cryptoasset investment fund, and to make the whole experience as easy and secure as possible. We found two partners that are just as committed to those goals as we are.

"Every is the first truly compliant and professional cryptoasset investment platform in Australia that we want to support."

Matt Dibb

CEO co-founder, Astronaut Capital

Astronaut Capital

Astronaut is our investment partner. They help us make good decisions when deploying our customers’ capital into the cryptoasset market. Lucky then, that they’re the world’s most credible crypto investment house.

In their first fund, Astronaut Capital's managed fund outperformed bitcoin, ethereum and all major benchmarks. Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Global Merces

Global Merces is Australia’s most innovative alternative asset management firm. They provide us with our fund administration and responsible entity services.

Thanks to the Global Merces team, you can sign up quickly and be confident your information is secure. They're also responsible for compliance and risk audits, and ensure that we're treating all our investors fairly and acting in line with regulations.

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Frequently asked questions

When is Every launching?

We’re rolling out to select customers mid 2019. You can reserve your place on our waitlist now by signing up using the form at the top of this page and move up the waitlist by sharing Every with your friends and networks.

Who can invest with Every?

Only Australian residents can invest in the fund. You have to be older than 18 as well. Australian Self Managed Super Funds, trusts and companies can also invest with Every.

Where can I read your PDS?

Our PDS will be available once we launch Every. You’ll be able to find a link here, as well on the Every Capital homepage.
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